For better knowing you and adapting our offer to your waiting, thank you to deliver our opinion to us.
              1) You are :
A private individual.
  A company.
  An association.
  A local community.
              2) Where you would install your mosaics:
  In a bathroom.
  In a hall.
  In a space of sales.
  In a space of reception: blanketing hall, gymnasium.
              3) Which is the surface estimated of your mosaics:
  Lower than 0,5m² .
  Between 0,5 m² and 1 m▓.
  Between 1 m² and 2 m▓.
  More than 2 m▓.
              4) Do you have a logo which could be transposed in mosaic:
              5) In how much specimens would wish that your mosaic logo be reproduced:
  In 1 specimen.
  Between 1 and 20 specimens.
  Between 20 and 100 specimens.
  More than 100 specimens.
              6) Is the type of packaging which seems to you more adapted:
  Mosaic lends to pose.
  Mosaic and its complete kit of installation.
  Mosaic and installation.
  * :